Oh The Things You’ll Learn!

The east coast cities are rich in this country’s history and none more so than Philadelphia. The city is literally dripping with history and of course, it has the architecture to match. For example, Washington Square which is a lovely large park just a stone’s throw from Independence Hall has a range of beautiful older buildings on the southern edge of the square.

Philadelphia history tours

Like many older houses in Philadelphia, the front doors are some three or four feet above street level. What’s different about the ones in Washington Square is the stairs which go up to the front door come from the side rather than straight on. There’s a really good reason for this – if you can’t run straight at a door, you can’t open it with a battering ram. You see, Washington Square had its part to play in the Civil War.

When you take Philadelphia history tours you’re going to feel like you have stepped back in time. Philadelphia has managed to keep a lot of its history in place – even with its spectacular skyline.

Unlike most other places Philadelphia doesn’t have a downtown. That’s to say of course we have a downtown, but we call it Center City. We then break it down even further because the area by the Delaware River is called Old City. That’s where you’ll find the Constitution Center – loads of history in a splendid new building. It’s also where we keep the Liberty Bell. This is where you’ll find the infamous Elfreth Alley and where to check out site of Benjamin Franklin’s house too.

It isn’t an exaggeration to say Philadelphia has it all. The city really does have something of everything. And the whole place fits between two rivers in just two miles.