Telling Kids a Story

When you are a parent, hearing the kids ask you to tell them a story is an incredibly heartwarming moment. That is if you can pull the stories for kid prior lake mn off right. The first thing to remember is how young your children are, and the younger they are, the more they will believe. So, use your imagination, because no one wants to hear a realistic bedtime story!

Try to inject your kid’s likes into the story to get them more interested. If both your daughters love unicorns, then have a unicorn hero! If your son likes race cars, make the story about the fastest car ever known. Make it up as you go, but as long as you are convincing, then they’ll be hooked right along with you.

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Second, start in the middle of the action. You don’t have to explain or describe everything, because your kids’ imagination will take care of that. Just say something along the lines of “The prince was riding on his horse one fine day¬Ö” and go from there. The story can go along at a faster pace, but to do this, you need to invest in the story.

If you see telling a story as a chore, then your kids won’t buy into it and you’ll lose out on a great moment. So, get animated! Move your hands, do different voices, make funny faces, and inject excitement into the story. Make sounds, use props, and loosen up and have some major fun. An exciting story should be just as thrilling to tell as it is to listen too, and if your kids are smiling, then you are doing it right.

Storytime, whether the story is real or made up, can make some great memories and make bedtime into fun time.