What are the Characteristics of Magical Realism?

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Yes, having something be magical and yet also realistic sounds impossible, but it can be done. It was first used by Latin American authors and then became more widespread. It’s been the focus of several books and has been touched upon by countless others, and the basic premise is this.

It takes the fantasy, out of the realm of magic and into our world. Magical realism stories take place on Earth in our world, but the characters have a different reality than normal. The fantasy is supposed to seem real, because the story is modern. If you read a magical realism story about ghosts, even if you know they aren’t real, you can still put the book down and accept that a ‘normal’ person in the novel could see ghosts without moving the book into the realm of fantasy.

Another idea that magical realism plays with is the concept of time, where in most books, the future and the past mold into the present. When you read a set of magical realism books wayne nj, you’ll almost feel like you are traveling in time. Some books open with a shattering event, and then we travel back in time to discover how that event happened. But at no point to we ever feel like we’ve gone back because it all flows so well.

Finally, the books often present concepts like dreams and nature all in ethereal like terms, showing that the parts of the world that we find magical (a vivid dream or the sunlight on dew kissed grass) do instead have some magical significance or are interpreted by the characters as such.

It can be hard to find magical realism in books, but once you know what to look for then you’ll be able to pick out the true magic.