When There’s So Much To See In NYC How Do You Ever Choose?

When you’re heading into the Big Apple and you’ve only got a couple of days there, how do you make sure you tune into the buzz, the hype or the gossip to make sure you get to see the best there is?

Sure, if you’re looking to see the latest big Broadway shows you can read the reviews. You can also queue for the tickets, and lay down a week’s wages to get into them too.

New York city cabaret

But what if you want to catch something a little more esoteric or off-the-beaten-track? These are the shows that big media is less likely to review and if you can start there – how you find them? Luckily there are still some independent out there, dedicated to reviewing the New York ‘scene’. Boutique New York city cabaret reviews are a way for those with an interest in seeing something a tad less mainstream.

In this day and age when everyone is a critic or a connoisseur, it is really hard to decide which reviews to believe and which to avoid with that barge pole of yours.  They say that one person’s meat is another’s poison. And when it comes to live entertainment it is certainly true.

The workaround is to find someone whose opinion you can trust, and then take that with a soupcon of incredulity and voila, a recipe for stepping outside of the box. Personal taste is always going to have an effect, of course it is. But, when you read a book and love it, and then you find another book by the same author, would you read it? You would, wouldn’t you?

The same principle holds. Find yourself someone whose taste runs along similar parallels to yours, and abracadabra you’re in with the in-crowd.